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Free Tax Guide for Etsy and Handmade Sellers

Think you can write off your cat? Well, you can't :( But my list here shows everything you can and SHOULD write off


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Free Answers to Your Top 10 Questions

After years of doing this. It all comes down to these same 10 questions. I answered them all for you here. 


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Get access to ALL of the Etsy Bookkeeping Templates including a Budget Spreadsheet, an Inventory Template and the world famous Bookkeeping Spreadsheet


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Here's my story...

A couple of years ago, a woman hired me to help her out with some bookkeeping for her e-commerce store. Being new in “working for myself”, I took the opportunity to meet her early on a Saturday morning and hustled my way downtown.

Looking back it was a Saturday I will never forget.

I went in there thinking, “I will just fix her QuickBooks” and be on the way, cash in hand.

Well….it didn’t go quite like that…

It actually ended in tears, like, a lot of tears.

After going through her books I had to tell her that even though she was selling products, she actually LOST money.

She couldn’t believe it… ”something has to be wrong” she said.

Now I couldn’t believe it, you mean to tell me that after 10 years of accounting that I am wrong?

So, we did them again….and again…. and after the 3rd time doing the books, she still LOST money.

This time she believed me.

It was then that I realized, this woman, while GREAT at selling, marketing and making her products, has NO CLUE about the business side of her store.

She didn’t know where her money went, she didn’t know her profit margins, she didn’t know the cost of making her products, she didn’t know that she owed sales tax, she didn’t know she owed ACTUAL taxes, she didn’t know what her overhead was, she really didn’t know anything…she had a failing business and didn’t even know it.  

What she really lacked was knowledge. To me, accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and finances are second nature. After doing this for 10 years you start to think EVERYBODY knows this stuff. And you really think that small business owner’s know this stuff, but to my surprise, you kind of don’t.

That’s why I started giving away free information like this online, to give you some knowledge of how to run the side of your store that you don’t know how to do. If you asked me to make a sticker, or knit a sweater, I would be lost and well probably start to cry to….

As for this woman, after many more Saturday morning meetings and a couple of more tearful sessions, I am proud to say that she now has CONTROL of her business and continues to grow year over year, looking at her finances with pride and more importantly, knowledge….

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