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Gain confidence in knowing you are running a legit Etsy Shop

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Get fully legit with running your store 

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This is the solution you're looking for if you're wanting to understand how to run a legit shop, gain knowledge and confidence in your tax and legal requirements and understand how to make sure you never run into issues 


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What Is The Get Legit Kit?

The Get Legit Kit is a comprehensive guide that has YOU and YOUR Etsy Shop in mind. You'll unlock the step by step processes that every shop must follow to run a legitimate business, using this guide as a resource, it will allow you to operate like a real business and sleep easy at night

The Get Legit Kit isn't like other "checklists" out there. In fact, far away. I'll be walking you through a real life example, and break it down to a science, giving you the chance to fully understand how it works and why you should be implementing these strategies.

Who Is The Get Legit Kit For?

The Get Legit Kit is a guide that caters to any Etsy Shop or Online Store.

It is geared for Etsy Shops and Online Stores who feel a little nervous about all the tax and legal requirements it takes to stay in line.   

It doesn't matter whether you have have thousands of sales or no sales, experience or no experience, and even a business for that matter. Not sure if you are a "technical business"? Don't worry, we go over that in the guide ;) We have complete beginners who are just starting their handmade journey and 7 figure sellers. So, if you want to make sure you are following all of the rules, this guide is for you!

I've Broken The Get Legit Kit Down Into 4 Key Areas...

To gain confidence with your business, by understanding your requirements. Guessing isn't enough and neither are free YouTube videos. What you need is an immersive environment & a proven process. The Get Legit Kit provides exactly that. Broken down into 4 core pillars this guide will help sleep easier at ngiht & understand how to operate like a real business

Are You Even Running A Technical Business?

Did you know that there is a HUGE tax difference in whether or not you run a "hobby" or a "business". In the guide I break down how to make sure you are running a "legit" business so you can get all of the tax savings that come with it

Do You Need To Be an LLC? 

The biggest question I get is "Do I need to be an LLC?" In the guide we over if you need to get one AND how to officially (and cheaply) set one up in YOUR state. 

Do You Need to "Register" Your Business?

When I hear the words "register my business" I immediately think of registering with the local city, county and state you are in. Did you even know you have to do that?  Or do you think registering is being a LLC?

Do You Need Licenses and Permits?

The sales tax laws seem to change almost daily and keeping in compliance with them an be quite a challenge. In the guide I break down EXACTLY how to know if you need to register for sales tax in YOUR state. 

Here's Some Benefits...

Step by Step


I walk you through the exact step by step process to make sure you are "legit". I use real life examples that will apply to YOU .


Stress Free


After doing this for several years, the biggest thing I have seen with Etsy Shop and Online stores is the worry and fear they have about "breaking the rules" 

Sleep Easier

At Night

Simply copy and follow this system and apply it to your business, so you can start to get back to doing what you love to do!

What EXACTLY Are We Going To Learn?


The "Beginning"

I teach you about some of the things you MUST do before you even consider selling an item. Such things include "hobby vs business" and what the issues are with each. Next we go into whether or not you need to be an LLC. After that we go into Licenses, Permits and other important items 

The "How To"

After we decide what route we want to take, I walk you through the EXACT process of how to file certain forms, the websites we need to go to and how to operate a legit Etsy Business and gain more confidence in running your shop. 

The "Administration"

After we are "legit" that are still a couple of more things we want and need to do in order to make sure we stay in compliance and continue to run a legit shop! 

Yes! I Want To Run A Legit Shop!

How Do You Teach The Guide?


I created this guide so that it is an exciting and fun way to learn. The first section I will explain all of the back end info we need to know, such as hobby vs business, sole proprietor vs LLC and which one to pick. The second part of the guide will be a a problem solving interactive exercise that we will do together. Starting with nothing, I will turn a real life idea into a legitimate, operating business. This is EXACTLY what I do for shops when they hire me to "set them up". 

Finally, after we are organized and prepared, I will go over how to make sure we have all of our areas covered and how to maintain a legitimate business

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These are real results, from real people, with real businesses, just like YOU. Are YOU next?


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Click Here To Get Legit!

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