Introducing, The Perfect Etsy Accounting System

Unlock the world's first-ever bookkeeping, tax and finance course designed specifically for Etsy Shops and handmade sellers that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out...

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You'll Never Need To Worry About Accounting EVER Again...

This is the solution you're looking for if you're wanting to transform your accounting system into a powerful force, create and use real metrics to scale your shop and understand how to run your store like a CEO


What Is The Perfect Accounting System?

The Perfect Accounting System is a program that has YOU and YOUR Etsy Shop in mind. You'll unlock the processes that allowed my Etsy clients to go from clueless to powerful, using their numbers as the weapon, as well as learning how to operate like a "real business"

The Perfect Accounting System isn't like other "business courses" out there. In fact, far away. I'll be walking you through a real life client of mine, and break it down to a science, by giving you the chance to fully understand how it works and why you should be implementing these strategies.

Who Is The Perfect Accounting System For?

The Perfect Accounting System is a program that caters to any handmade seller, any Etsy Shop and to all levels of experience. From the complete beginners with no experience at all to Six-Figure handmade sellers 

It doesn't matter whether you have any tech skills, experience, and even a business for that matter. Not sure if you are a "technical business"? Don't worry, we go over that in the program ;) We have complete beginners who are just starting their handmade journey, and multiple Six-Figure earners wanting to scale their business organically. So, if you want to use the powers of numbers and understand that whole "tax thing" then The Perfect Accounting System is for you!

I've Broken The Perfect Accounting System Down Into 5 Core Pillars...

To change your life, by understanding your business. Guessing isn't enough and neither are free YouTube videos from non accountants, what you need is an immersive environment & a proven process. The Perfect Accounting System provides exactly that. Broken down into 5 core pillars this program will help you master your finances & understand how to operate like a real business

Understanding & Optimizing Your Numbers

Discover how to implement a perfect system without having to waste hours on non professionals. Implement an easy step by step formula, follow me through a real life client and proven metrics to define yourself as a legitimate business owner.

Growing & Optimizing Your Shop

Hit the ground running with a step-by-step guide to setting up & implementing an accounting system that is going to instantly tell you key metrics you need. Grow your own shop through simple, easy to follow processes, that don't require you to endlessly worry about tax day.

Monetizing Your Shop

I'll be showcasing exactly how I did this with a real life Etsy client of mine, and how you can do the exact same thing. My strategies will work for any type of Etsy Shop and any handmade seller, so there really is no need to tackle your taxes blindly

Full On Automation

The reason most of us start a business is to have money and freedom, which is why I will share with you exactly how you can cut down your workflow by up to half, or set you up with one, so you can get back to crafting and creating. Just by following a simple structure and process on automated accounting

Here's Some Benefits...

Step by Step


I walk you through an actual client of mine. Using real life data. We start at the beginning when she first started and go all the way through tax day. We also create useful and key reports her business needed to grow.


Stress Free

Tax Day

Having a proper system in place, means you won't need to stress about tax day anymore. All you need is this program. We walk through all of the steps you need to take to make tax day a breeze. We keep it simple



Simply copy and follow our proven system and apply it to your business, so you can start to harness the power of your numbers, and turn it into a hyper profitable business

Here's What Some of My Students Are Saying...

These are real results, from real people, with real businesses, just like YOU. Are YOU next?


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WAIT! I Have a Few Extras...

The Perfect Accounting System is designed in such a way, that you'll be getting 24/7 round the clock support, all your questions answered, and dedicated weekly office hours

Bonus #1: Exclusive Access To The Perfect Etsy Accounting Mastermind Group

Join an energetic community of entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you, so you can get 24/7 support & feedback.

This will give you the chance to forge new connections, get inspired and fast-track your success. 

Bonus #2: Access to ALL of My Templates ($97 Value)

Need an easy way to keep track of Inventory?  Or how about finally making that perfect budget that you actually know how to use? What about a list of ALL of the tax deductions you can take? Ever wonder the answers to your Top 10 most common questions? 

With purchase of the course, you will get access to my Inventory Template, Budget Template, Bookkeeping Template as well as two of my eBooks, one on ALL of the tax deduction you can take and another on the Top 10 things people ask me! 

Bonus #3: Free Accounting System Audit for Current or Future Set Up ($197 Value)


Want an expert to tell you how your current system is set up? Feel like you are lost when it comes to your OWN books? I will sit down with you and tell you everything WRONG with your current set up AND how to fix it.

With the purchase of the course, I will sit down with you personally 1 on 1 and guide you through your current accounting system and process and how to improve it. 

Bonus #4: Weekly Live Mentorship And Q&A Calls ($997 Value)

Get personalized on the go mentorship from myself who can troubleshoot your problems and provide the direction you need to take so you can boss up your Etsy Store.

The Perfect Accounting Systems includes weekly Q&A calls, weekly "office hours", student interviews, live stream sessions and 24/7/365 support.

Bonus #5: $19,290 of Tax Savings Inside

Did you know that people and businesses who utilize an accounting software can save up to $19,290 in tax deductions each year? (1)

Utilizing a system like QuickBooks, which we use in this course can help you save money and expenses while also reducing the amount of taxes owed each year  

Total Value= $1,921

Price You Pay= $497

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

If You're Still On The Edge

well, we offer 100% money back guarantee...

This won't work if you don't! But if you join The Perfect Etsy Accounting System, implement and complete the action steps, use the group for questions and feedback and still don’t see any results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you progress or issue you a full 100% refund. No questions asked!

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  • Master & Understand Your Finances
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  • Prepare, Understand and Save On Your Taxes
  • Determine Just How Much It Costs You to Run Your Store
  • Figure Out How Much You Need To Be Selling For To Make A Consistent Profit
  • Oh, And I Have More Waiting For You On The Inside...